CAF Expets Group Meeting

CAF Experts Group

Working with great colleagues from whole EU at the #CAF experts group meeting. During Austrian EU-Presidency we prepare the new version of CAF. The #CAF2020 will boost the Quality of Public Administration in Europe and #PublicAdministrationReform.

Today we focused on:

-) Impact of Digitalisation on Public Sector Organisations and Human Ressource Management

-) How to ensure agility and innovation of public administration

-) Sustainability and #SDGs as leading principles of public management

-) Consequences of Public Administration Reform Programmes 

-) New sensemaking Leadershipskills for the 21 st century

-) Monitoring and Visualizing performance management 

-) and and and

But the best was our motto: „Having in mind the national context but think about EUROPE“ In my view this motto should be taken more seriously by many EU memberstates.