The CAF-Model

CAF is the European guideline for excellent public management & public sector organisations.

CAF stands for “Common Assessment Framework” and was designed by an EU working group as a quality management system for the public sector in the late 1990s. Meanwhile CAF has become a recognized tool for "sustainable administrative reform and capacity building". Already 3.700 European public sector organizations started a continuous improvement process with internal self-assessment based on CAF.

The CAF Model consists of 9 criteria (see below) and 28 subcriteria. The subcriteria are further explained by ~200 examples. Through an internal self-assessment of the subcriteria the “own” organization and it´s performance is reviewed and developed.


caf model english

Criterion 1 - Leadership

Criterion 2 - Strategy and Planning

Criterion 3 - People

Criterion 4 - Partnerships and Resources

Criterion 5 - Processes

Criterion 6 - Citizen Customer oriented Results

Criterion 7 - People Results

Criterion 8 - Social Responsibility Results

Criterion 9 - Key Performance Results