caf online The CAF self-assessment process of the nine criteria and 28 sub-criteria is made easy and quick with CAF-Online. It is a unique online questionnaire system which compiles the results to a final comprehensive document which can be used as basis for the self-assessment workshop.

CAF online leads through the CAF grid, which consists of 28 sections (criteria). Each criterion is displayed on a screen, and after completing the page the "Next" key opens the next criterion. After completion of the survey, it can be printed and released for  the self-assessment workshop. The details of all evaluation team members are brought together anonymously to one common document.

Conditions for the use of the CAF-Online is the presence of a computer workstation with internet access and an own e-mail address for each CAF assessment team members.

The final result of CAF Online is:

  •      the finished document for the self assessment workshop (for all CAF assessment team members and for the moderation of the workshop);
  •      and the prepared documents for the action plan workshop.

The user-guide for CAF-Online is here.


Trying CAF-Online:

Have a look at the free test version of CAF-Online.